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Men's Custom Suit - Consultation

Men's Custom Suit - Consultation


Only book if you are 100% sure you are wanting us to complete your alteration, be this fee is non-refundable nor can it be transfered to future processed request. We are located in Valdosta, Ga.


General consultation fee for alterations is $100.00. This is to book your appointment and to discuss the details of the tailoring process. Please keep in mind that 50% of the fee will be applied to your total cost. If you need your garments quickly, rush order fees will be applied.


We do not give quotes unless it is a general process such as:

zipper replacement-hemming denim-hemming trousers -pants


All clients are required to try on their clothing item(s) before and after to ensure you are satisfied with the alteration. Photos of you will be taken during the consultation for visual learning. We will be happy to make adjustments while the garment is in our possession.


This is a Non-refundable fee, it cannot be used for future appointments or transfered to someone else.

Non-refundable, if your appointment is kept, the booking fee will be subtracted from your balance. Please keep in mind, that the BOOK MY SPOT FEE  is not your DEPOSIT.

Private meeting 1-2 hours

  • design
  • sketching
  • measurements
  • Details
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